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Израиль / Israel

Снайпер IDF
Снайпер IDF. Army IDF Special operations SNIPER.
Снайпер, армия
Снайпер, армия. IDF ZAHAL SNIPER.
Снайпер IDF A.B.M
Снайпер IDF A.B.M. Israeli army IDF A.B.M sniper badge.
Снайпер IDF Nachshon
Снайпер IDF Nachshon. Israeli army IDF Nachshon sniper badge.
Снайпер полиции
Снайпер полиции. Israeli police sniper badge.
Expert. Israeli army IDF SNIPER expert pin M16 Galil rifle.
IDF ARMY ISRAELI SNIPER. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) implemented significant changes to sharpshooting doctrine in the 1990s. Doctrine, training program, and courseware were completely rewritten and snipers were issued the bolt-action M24 SWS instead of the M14 rifle. A major change was the introduction of a new battle profession – the designated marksman (зЬв бви, “kala sa’ar” in Hebrew) – intended to improve the accuracy and firepower of an infantry platoon and compromise between the role of a sniper and an assault rifleman. These soldiers were generally called “squad snipers” to describe their role. They are armed with SR-25 rifle and sharpshooter variations of the M16A2E3 and M4 Carbine.
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